Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant

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In our family-owned and operated Mexican restaurant, we strive to offer high-quality Mexican meals every day to our honored guests. When we call ourselves an authentic Mexican restaurant, we mean that we pride ourselves on representing the deep tradition of Mexican cooking.

Mexican cuisine is a fusion of a variety of different cultural influences, including Mesoamerican and European, particularly Spanish elements that appeared after Spain conquered the Aztec Empire. Because of the size and varied climate and geography in Mexico, different regions have variations that reflect their unique agriculture, livestock, and the availability of fish and seafood.

For example, the northern region is known for grilling of meat, primarily beef, and a large ranch population has given rise to many types of cheese. In contrast, in the Oaxaca region towards the south, corn is the staple food, as is mole, and the region is famous for seven different types of mole sauce. The Yucatan peninsula, on the other hand, reflects distinctive Mayan food with influence from neighboring Caribbean cultures and often highlights tropical fruits native to the area, such as tamarind, plums, and bitter oranges.

In our Mexican restaurant, we do our best to blend traditional Mexican street food, such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, with some of the more unusual dishes that hail from different regions across Mexico. Using only the highest-quality, freshest ingredients, we want you to be 100% satisfied with both our food and our service.

Our expansive menu makes it very difficult to choose, so we hope you’ll return to our Mexican restaurant many times to try both your tried and true dishes, as well as some of our more unusual regional dishes. And of course, be sure you spend some time in our tequila bar to sample some authentic Mexican beverages!

In the California, Maryland area, stop in for lunch or dinner, or give us a call to discuss how our banquet room can be used to host your special event, party, or business meeting.