Kids Menu

Kids Menu

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Dining out with little ones can be a challenge, especially if the restaurant specializes in types of food that may seem unusual to a child. At Plaza Tolteca, we welcome all ages and family members, and we’ve created a special kids menu to make dining out with youngsters so easy you’ll all want to come back again and again!

A few of the items on our extensive kids menu are:

• Burritos
• Tacos
• Cheese, beef, or chicken quesadillas
• Mexican pizza
• Enchiladas
• Taco salad
• Rice and beans
• Hamburgers with French fries
• Hot dogs with French fries
• Chicken with French fries
• Macaroni and cheese

Of course, if our kids menu doesn’t do it, one way to tempt the kids is with our wide variety of desserts. Some of our choices include fried ice cream, xangos, which is an authentic Mexican cheesecake-like dessert, churros, sopapillas, and a variety of cakes, brownies, and ice cream!

Come on down for lunch or dinner and bring the little ones! At Plaza Tolteca, we want every member of your family to feel relaxed and welcomed, and our expert staff will do our best to help each of you find a favorite food that you can look forward to having every time you visit our restaurant.

In the California, Maryland area, when you have a taste for authentic Mexican food, bring the whole family in to join us for lunch or dinner, where the adults can choose one of our authentic Mexican meals, while the kids find just the right thing on our kids menu!